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Prophetic Words to South Pacific Nations 2013-2015


Pastor Judith Gates

- 30/7/2014

Tuvalu, it is time to change your perception, to change your thinking, your mindsets. It is time to come up higher. To change, to turn around and go another way, a higher way, a way of destiny. When I was looking for a King it wasn't the mighty or the strong. It was a young shepherd boy out looking after the sheep, forgotten by all. Certainly not the one that you would be looking for in the search for a King. But Tuvalu, you are the David to Me! No-one is expecting you to be great. You don't even expect to be great. But I have come to tell you, Who are you among the Nations of the World? I will bring you forth like I did David. I can take the base things of the world and make them great. The time has come to change your thinking, your mindsets - I call you to greatness. Let it be your confession. Your destiny is in Me and your destiny is greatness. Speak it, declare it, rejoice over it. I come to lift you up and crown you with greatness.


Tuvalu, Tuvalu, Tuvalu, it doesn't matter Tuvalu, how you see yourself. There you are, just little islands surrounded by water. You could even be swallowed up just like Jonah was in that whale! There may be those surrounding you that might think, "Oh one day the waters in the ocean would just swallow you up." But it doesn't matter, says the Lord, what you think and it doesn't matter what the nations of the world think. What matters is My destiny for you!

Do not look on yourselves as a little people that no one cares about, or what the nations would think of you, but think only what I think of you.

I have made you and destined you, says the Lord your God.

You are important. You are important in the scheme of my plans, says the Lord.

No longer are you to look upon yourselves as insignificant, don't even consider what other nations of the world might think of you. But turn your eyes to what I think of you because I have placed greatness upon you.

Look in the Word and consider that little boy who came with the loaves and the fishes. "What are they amongst so many?"

"What is Tuvalu amongst so many island nations of this world?"

But when you bring the greatness that I have placed within you to Me, says the Lord, I will distribute to many. You will know no lack, as long as you bring what I have put within you to me.

It’s time for you to forget those things that might have held you and restrained you. That’s the enemy's territory, he wants you to believe that you could be swallowed up by the sea and forgotten. But that is not my plan for you says the Lord. I'm the God of greatness and I have placed greatness in you. As that little boy brought his lunch to Me, so too, as you bring what you have to Me, says the Lord your God, I will feed many, I will use you to feed many nations, many nations. Even the disciples when they brought that little boy with his lunch said, "What is this amongst so many?" "What is Tuvalu amongst so many nations?"

But I tell you Tuvalu, if you bring what I've given you and come before Me, I will use what I have given you to feed many nations, many nations.

You are no longer to think of yourselves as insignificant. I have placed greatness upon you and if you will bring yourselves to Me I will use you to distribute My greatness throughout many, many nations of the earth. It is your hour to rise Tuvalu, no longer sit in the dust. No longer bemoan, but rise up for Jesus the greatest One and your greatest time is now! 


Pastor Judith Gates

- Thursday 10th April, 2014

Samoa, I speak to you, you are My people, I have chosen you. Samoa, you are My people I have chosen you and you have hidden Me in your hearts. I walk in you and you have given Me a place in your land, that place is in your hearts. But you have hidden Me in your hearts and I am sending My servant to you, to awaken you out of slumber and out of sleep.

That which you have hidden deep in you is now going to rise up and that rising up is a rising up unto your God. There will be stirring up, a stirring up into the glories of your God. There is a rising and a stirring up coming, Samoa.

You have walked with Me hidden in your hearts but now you are going to walk with Me so that the whole world is going to know your Redeemer. You will not be able to hide Me any longer, for I am breaking upon you; I am coming upon you in a newness of life.

Samoa, where you have hidden Me in your heart, now I will be exposed. I am about to call that which you have hidden to the light. Now you will be known as a people who show forth the glories of your God, a people not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus the Anointed One. You are going to be a people set on fire, you are going to be a people of passion, you are going to be a people of excellence, for you have walked a long time with Me hidden in your heart, but from this day forth, you will walk with Me exposed upon your walk and upon your life. You will not be ashamed; you will not be hiding that which you have had hidden in your heart for a long time.

Now it is going to be in the forefront and you will be bubbling over and freely sharing with excitement about Me. You will be talking about Me from house to house - how great is our God, how wonderful are His works! A resurrection is coming to you! You have never stopped loving the Lord your God b

ut He's been hidden (changed from hiding) within you, you have hidden Him, but no longer, Samoa.

I send My servant to you to bring an awakening amongst you and you will rise up. You will rise up and as you walk there will be a different walk, there will be a glory in your steps. There will be a glory upon you and I will be exposed within you and I will be exposed upon you and no longer will I be the hidden one of the heart, but I will be the One that is exposed to the Nations.

I call you forth Samoa, you are My people, I chose you, I have you hidden in My heart but not forgotten. You are very much in My heart and now I come and visit you again.

I send My servant to you to awaken you and to expose that which you have carried in the secret place; now opening up for the world to see.

Step up, step out and step forth into the glories of your God.

I bless you Samoa, I bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus the Anointed One.


Pastor Judith Gates

- 23rd February 2013

Cook Islands I see as Jesus comes to you, you will embrace Him, you will not turn away from Him, you will embrace Him and it is because of your eagerness to embrace the 'new' that God can move through you. Cook Islands you are not a people that is tied to the past, but you are a people ready to embrace the 'new', and because you are a people ready to embrace the 'new', your God, the Lord Jesus is smiling upon you, and because of your obedience, because of your eagerness to embrace the 'new', He is sending you the 'new' and it's going to begin in you, the Cook Island! And you are not a people who are greedy and will not hold to yourself more than you need and tend to poverty, but you will be a people who are generous and as you receive and as the doors open and as the Spirit of the Living God begins to move, you are going to be just like a clam shell that opens wider and wider and wider and wider ... this clam shell that I see is so big, it is huge and it is opening up, it is opening up to the heavens, it is opening up to the Lord God, and the more you open the more I can fill, says the Lord, the more you open, the more I will fill you and you will begin to pour out. You will have so much you will not be able to contain it. And it will flow from you and into the other nations. Cook Islands hear the Word of the Lord, as you open up, and the more you open up, and you are a people who will open up more and more and more, and it's because of that, that the Spirit of God is going to begin in you and as you open up more you will just overflow and you will pour out to those other hungry nations and they will get it, they will get it, it will not be lost, it will not be lost. And Cook Islands, you will never as long as you keep giving out, you will never tend to poverty. A lot of the South Sea islands do tend to poverty because they hold more than is needed, but Cook Islands, that cannot be said about you, you are a generous people and as this move of God begins to flow in upon you, you will not be able to wait to pour it out, you will be rushing to pour it out onto other nations and so it will go from island to island and will even come splashing over us here in Australia.


Lord God, Your revival has begun, people are so hungry, so thirsty, Lord, and You have said now, now is the time, now is the time when the hungry will be fed, when the thirsty will drink and they will be satisfied because they are going to be given what is good, what is pure, what is true by the Spirit of the Living God, In Jesus Name. Amen.

Pastor Judith Gates, KCCA

- 23rd November 2013

Cook Islands, I speak to you today. I want you to know that you are a pearl in My hand. I hold you, I see you, I look at you as a pearl in My hand. You are so rich in kindness and mercy, but I have a new song for you. I have a new song that is going to be sung over you. This song is going to come to you by the power of the Holy Spirit and is going to be a song that has not yet been heard in your land, but this song, as it comes, as it is birthed upon you, is going to bring you into a time of great rejoicing and deliverance. You thought that day would never come Cook Islands. The new song that is coming upon the Cook Islands is going to be a song of deliverance that is going to go out from that nation, from that land, and it is going to effect many of the Pacific Nations. It's going to be carried by the Wind of the Spirit, and this song will be birthed in the Cook Islands.


Pastor Judith Gates

Fiji, Fiji, Fiji, there is power at the cross for you, there is forgiveness at the cross for you people, there is love at the cross for you, there is life at the Cross for you, there are unexpected pleasures that you have yet to explore at the Cross of Jesus. Fiji, your finest hour is before you, and you are about to receive an inheritance from Lord your God that will come so un-expectantly upon you that you will be caught by surprise, even though you have longed for it and you have desired it and its been something in your heart that you have longed for, for a long time. As you lift up the Name of Jesus you will not be disappointed Fiji, because He is going to come as the rain, the former and the latter rain upon your land, and you will know what it is for the rain of the Spirit to fall upon you, and where you have been barren, you will be fruitful, where you thought there was no way, there will be a way, where you though there could be no resurrection, there will be a resurrection. Fiji, your finest hour awaits you, it is before you, and the Lord will rain righteousness upon you.


Pastor Judith Gates

You don't see yourself as the Lord your God sees you. He sees you rich, you see yourself poor. He sees you with abundance and you see only your lack. You have longed for a visitation, you have cried and you have prayed, but Tonga, He has some good things for you that He has stored up for a day, for an hour, and you will not miss your day of visitation. It is coming, swiftly, and you too will be taken off guard. Although you've not lost faith and the kindness of the Lord is in your heart, sometimes you have been weary in waiting, but He says, I am coming, I am coming and I am coming soon, to visit you. Look up, look up Tonga, look in one another and see what I have placed within you. There is gold in your land, there is treasures yet to unfold. Seek Me and you will find Me, says the Lord.


Pastor Judith Gates

You thought you were cast off and no-one would even remember you or think to come and visit you, but you will be famous among the islands of the sea, for I will visit you, I have not forgotten you. You are ready, you are waiting, and I'm coming, I am coming to visit you, coming to stir up, coming to wash away, coming to renew, and to lift you up and I will set your feet on higher ground, Kiribati.


Pastor Karen George Elengikal


Norfolk Island will forget the pains of birth and where it has been said, 'Impossible!', I will delight in reversing the enemies haunting work to bring a total transformation of culture and society. The new word describing her will be, 'FREEDOM!'. Those of you I have called to Norfolk - it's now time to visit her, do not hold back any longer.


Pastor Karen George Elengikal

- Sunday 28th February 2010

The Blessing Church

This prophecy came yesterday, as you know we were fasting as a church for 21 days for revival in the Asia Pacific “The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit.” (Pastor Judith Gates)

Even now the waters of the Pacific are churning at the movement of My feet, says the Lord. The water vibrates from the thunderous sound of My Voice. The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters. (Psalm 29:3). They are disturbed, says the Lord, because I am on the move and at the entrance of My latter day Glory in the Pacific Region, that will have all eyes focused towards the shinning of My Glory among the precious Island jewels of the Pacific Ocean. Wonders such as never seen since the days of my faithful servant Moses, will be proclaimed from the Pacific and the publishing of the fame of My Name will create intense spiritual hunger from the 4 corners of the earth, who will seek Me out with all their hearts from the Southlands of My Holy Spirit.

Samoa, Samoa will experience a re-birthing of her redemptive calling and be a leader in My Pacific movement.

Vanuatu and the Solomons will experience Glory Fire. Divine protection is granted to my people during the fires which will be a distinguishing mark upon them and a testimony leading to many salvations.

Norfolk Island will forget the pains of birth and where it has been said, 'Impossible!', I will delight in reversing the enemies haunting work to bring a total transformation of culture and society. The new word describing her will be, 'FREEDOM!'. Those of you I have called to Norfolk - it's now time to visit her, do not hold back any longer.

Fiji will be a-washed in both spiritual and natural waters. My prophets will arise amid the washings to proclaim My Sovereign will. They will carry great authority that will affect the entire Pacific Region.

New Zealand is a cup of honour and one who will demonstrate My arm of righteousness. With the strength of My mighty arm, she will undergird Pacific Revival and Renewal.

Australia, My beloved, will ride the crest of the great wave, the wave that will pour out the Glory of My Presence and Power over all nations. Those with the 'spirit of Elijah' will rise up from within her and cause signs in the heavens and on the earth that will be visible for all mankind to see. Salvations and healings shall be on every corner. I will move in every sphere of human life to such a degree that it will be rare for one not to know My Name. I will breathe My life into the performing and creative arts to such a degree that Australia will become the world leader in creativity. Invention and ground-breaking innovations will flow like a river and will stun the world due to the sheer magnitude of creativity and brilliance that will come from My breath and inspiration, says the Lord.

Islands and Nations of the Pacific Rim, the Voice of the Lord has gone out to you this day. Not one of you will remain untouched by My Presence. I am on the move, My feet have touched your land, receive Me, and walk with Me into the long-awaited promises of Glory and Revival.