Formerly Kingdom Covenant Church Australia

Blessed to be a Blessing!



                 Children's Church at THE BLESSING  is designed to 

train, equip, and motivate our young children to not only know about Jesus 

but to know Him for themselves.

 Our desire is to enable and see our children learning to walk and live in the authority

 and power given to them so they can share Jesus with their family, friends and neighbours

 and not be ashamed of the gospel but rather be empowered by the Word and the Holy Spirit.

 We aim to provide a safe and secure fun-filled environment in which the children grow

 in understanding and wisdom with child-like faith.

On Sunday mornings we provide for children ages 3-12, 

 worship time, communion, activities, games, lessons, prayer and discussions.

 We cover many important faith-based and Word-based teachings.

 Subjects include: the Kingdom of God, the Blood, the Gifts, who we are in Christ Jesus

 and who He is in us, growing up in Christ, the power of the Cross

 all inter mingled with daily life  lessons such as manners, honour, working together as a team

 while learning to encourage each other to be the very best we can be even as children, 

serving as an example for family and peers. 

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