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Blessed to be a Blessing!




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2015 Prophetic Word for The Blessing Church

2015 Prophetic Word for ‘The Blessing’

Aquilla Nash, January 2015

I believe this move you have recently made is going to be a tremendous blessing. I’ll tell you what the Lord gave me a few days ago, when I was praying about our call together. He said, “What appeared to be a hardship or even a disappointment will prove to be a great blessing, for where I am taking you, you have never been before. Where I am taking you, listen Church, you have never been!”

Now that’s a big statement – that’s exactly what God gave me for you guys there. He is going to break you into higher realms of the Spirit. Things that used to satisfy you, will no longer satisfy you because you know there is so much more that God is doing in your lives. This is such a glorious, glorious time.

For the Lord would declare. “I have anointed you with a fresh anointing, I have called you with the Holy calling. Now move into that calling made into that realm of glory, move into that place you have not walked before.

If you will dare to step out on the future, if you will dare to step out on land that you have never walked on before, if you will dare to move into the promises of God that you have never stood on before because you thought they were too big; you thought they required too much, but if you will dare to step out on all the fullness of my Word, I will not fail you declares the Lord, I will not fail you because as your faith is so be it unto you. You can give up or you can move forward, but I have called you to move forward says the Lord, I’ve called you not only to that nation, but in surrounding nations. And I say if you will be faithful, you will see the finances flow, you will see the people, you will see the glory in a greater way then you have ever seen it before, because I am going before you and I am opening up the sea, I am opening up the doors, I am opening up the promises and I am causing more than enough to be poured out upon you, so trust Me in this day and rejoice in all I have come to do and great will be that before you, declares the Lord.”