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1st January 2014 - Aquilla Nash - Word for KCCA 2014

I wanted to share for a few minutes out of Matthew 21 and actually even Matthew 2o. If you recall, Jesus and some of the disciples and really a great multitude were following Him at that time, they were leaving Jericho on the way to Jerusalem and it was during that time that there were two blind men sitting by the road. They heard that Jesus was passing by and they cried out, "Have mercy on us." And the multitude warned that they should be quiet and not speak out anymore. But they continued to cry out the louder!

And as I was reading this, I'm telling you, God was just speaking into my heart. We have a message for this hour. I know that you have this message there in Sydney; I know that God has opened up understanding and truth and He's pressing you to enter into those things and the enemy of course is always working trying to shut our mouths and close our mouths that we would not continue to cry out to the people to come up higher and to move into their place in God.

And when they came into Jerusalem, you will remember then how Jesus told the disciples to, "Go to the village and immediately you will find a donkey tied and a colt and you are to loose him and bring him to Me. And if anyone should say anything to you, you should say, the Lord has need of him, and immediately he will send them," and notice in verse 4, "And this was done that it might be fulfilled that was spoken by the prophet saying, "Tell the daughters of Zion behold your King comes, lowly and sitting on a donkey, the colt of a donkey. And the disciples went and did as the Lord commanded them and brought the donkey to Him and they laid the coats over him and set Him on them and the very place others set their clothes down, others set down branches from the trees and laid them on the road. Then the multitude that went before Him and those that followed cried out saying, "Hosanna to the son of David, blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest."

As I read that, God began to say to me, I am bringing a people into a place that whatever they have need of, those that sit in darkness will have no choice but to loose it and to release it into the kingdom of God.

We have entered into a new day. This is a different move, it is different, actually powerful from the anointing that is upon the church and let me tell you, certainly it is the power of the anointing of God. When I say different, it is an anointing of greater power because we are waiting for the King of kings and the Lord of lords and we are that voice that He is going to trumpet out, a trumpet, a trumpet, trumpet, trumpet.

And God began to speak to me out of Revelation. Revelation 4:1 " After these things I looked and behold, a door was standing open in heaven."      

We all need to say that the door is open, the door is open.

Remember the word of God says that if we are faithful to God in our tithes and offerings, in giving to Him, in obedience to Him, He said if we are faithful in obedience to God, He said He will open the windows of heaven. Amen! The open doors of Heaven will pour out blessings that we won't even have room enough to receive it.

And I believe John was seeing that in Revelation that we are reading about. When John looked he saw the door standing wide open in heaven and the first voice I heard was like a trumpet. A trumpet saying come up here and I will show you things that will take place.

We hear a lot of teaching on the trumpet, this trumpet: this is going to happen, this trumpet, something else is going to happen. But what so many of these teachers fail to tell us, I asked God to make it so clear to me: We are the trumpets of the Lord, that God has anointed this hour and as we trumpet forth the word of God, as we trumpet forth the power and the praise of God, as we open our mouth and as we become like a trumpet that sounds out in the earth and that’s what causes the people to be drawn to the light, and like never before we are going to have to take our place in the body and recognize when we are called, recognize that this is not church as usual, recognize that things are changing, times and season are speeding up around us, as God speeds up the time and as we can get all that we possibly can into the Kingdom of God that we can show forth the magnitude of God in the earth.

Yesterday as I was praying early in the morning, the Lord began to speak to me and I heard the Spirit say, "What is that which you are carrying?" and I said, "The Anointing!"

And I heard it trumpet back that I was one of those crying back to the Lord, "The Anointing."

And I heard the voice of the Lord say again, "What are you carrying?"

And I lifted my voice with others, "The Power, the Power!" And then I heard the Voice say again,"What are you carrying?" Then I heard like a trumpet,"The Glory, the Glory, the Glory!"

Now this is where God is taking a people to go forth in a powerful anointing, go forth in the power of the Holy Ghost go forth and allow the Glory of God to shine forth in our lives.

You know and I know this has been a testing year there. I know Judith, Russ, your whole family, and yes, the church family, you have been through a most difficult year, most difficult time, but you know, it is the power to rise up.

Let me tell you, if Tim were here he would say, "Don't let me hold you back, don't let me hold you back." He would be saying, "Cry out all the more! Get the people ready! Bring the people forward. Don't, don't, don't slack in what you are doing, don't slack up on the vision, because I'm shouting with Jesus, don't slack off because it's the hour to move forward."

Let me tell you if all of us live to be even very old, it's like a blink of the eye we will all be heaven with Jesus, worshiping in eternity and this is the hour! This is a testing time. People are tested in different ways on the things we go through in this life. For one its pressures of one kind, for another it’s another kind of pressure but I can promise you, everyone that I speak with has had a time of testing and a time of pressure. But we, the people of God, we have been challenged by the Spirit of God, and when John here in Revelation 4:1, when he looked he saw this door standing open in heaven, he heard that voice trumpeting forth and saying, "Come up here, come up here." And that is what the Spirit of God is saying, "Come up here!" He's saying, "Come up higher, Come up higher and I will show you things which must take place after this."

God is causing our eyes to be open. I think all of us understand that this is a different day, not just America, because what happens in America affects everyone else. And let me tell you that here in America, people know that they better prepare because things are not going to immediately turn around and get better, and I'm being honest with you, I'm not sure that they are going to get better in the sense that a lot of people are looking for. But God is bringing us to a place, it's almost like I see that the Lord has His people hedged in. He said He's like a wall of fire around us, and he's hedging His people in and He's hedging in those that are the called out ones.

There's many voices, and there's many voices in the church among the people and you know, God bless them, but I see God in this hour bringing forth a people out of a people, I see God that He is not going to hold back a company of people just because the majority don't want to pay a price to get a hold of what God is doing. So He's calling a people out from among a people in a sense, and this body of people God is speaking to in this hour. He is going to use them in greater ways that they ever thought possible. You know we are seeing God work here, and at the same time, always know this, when God begins to move the enemy begins to move. When the sons of God went to present themselves to the Lord in Job’s day, the Scriptures says, Satan went with them. And that's what people don't quite get. They think, 'Well, if I'm walking with God why do I ever have anything come against my life that isn't good?' I always tell you that happened in Jesus' day and that happened before Jesus walked on the earth and it still happens today.

But what we do, we just keep listening to the voice of the Lord and following that voice. So right now He's saying, "Come higher, I want to reveal things that are going to take place around you." And here again John says following that, "Immediately I was in the Spirit." 'Immediately I was in the Spirit' and this is exactly what must happen as we are pressing forward in the Kingdom of God. It will only be done through the Spirit of God. Our flesh is not going to get us there, we can labour and we can work and we can do all the right things, even say the right things, but when we draw aside with God and when we take time to allow Him to speak to our lives and our hearts, and then He begins to show us the things that are working around us now, the things that are coming our direction.

And Judith, do you remember back, I think it was in June that I did that, I know when God began to deal with me about this message, He said, "The number one thing, the first thing that you have got to do to move into and enter this higher realm with God, we have to become discontent where we are. As long as we are just happy, go to church, smile, give someone a hug, but we are not pressing into the things of the Kingdom, we are not really listening if God has a prophetic word that I am to give. Does God have a word of Knowledge? Does God want me to pray for that woman over there for healing or that man there? Or does God want me to speak to that person in the street? Or someone I met, wherever, at the bank today, we have got to get to a place where we are not satisfied. It's not that we are not happy in the Lord, we are, but we are not satisfied to just be in a place really where nothing is happening, the Spirit of God is not moving, nothing is going on. Well, if you are not cautious you'll get to a place, well, I won't read the Scriptures today, I'll wait, I've got a lot on my mind, I've got a lot of things that I've got to get done, or I won't pray as much today because I'm busy. But when we become discontent and we begin to seek the face of God: there have been times in my life that I have had to pray for God to stir me, I realized I had not heard God speak anything significantly to me and I would realize, 'O my goodness Aquilla, what is going on?' And I get to thinking that I have gotten big, I'm kinda bowed down with building projects, I'm bowed down with doing television, doing this and something else. And you know what I do, I draw aside and I say, "God stir me Father, stir me, O God, don't let me become complacent, don't let me become just satisfied and settled, and just be a nice little Christian. God I want to be on fire, I want to stir the glory, I want to stir the power, I want to stir the anointing!"

Just a month or so ago in a little store here in town, I didn't even notice this man, but as I was over near the bread, looking for a loaf of bread that I was wanting, this older man, came and told me that he used to work for NASA program, on this rocket, a very brilliant man, but he was talking and saying, "I don't want to seem forward but believe me I don't mean this in the wrong way, but there's something about you, that I noticed you in another part of the store and it was striking and I just saw something about you. I don't want to sound forward but there's just something about you." And that man talked for a few minutes and I listened to him and he was trying to convince me although he didn't know what it is but there's something different about me, there's something about me. I listened for a little bit then I said, "I'm going to tell you what you see. I'm a Christian and actually I'm a minister, and I believe that God has called His people to be lights in the midst of darkness. I said all that you are sensing is the Presence of God, it is the Presence of God in my life that is all that it is." I asked him if he was a Christian and he said he was, from Church of Christ I think he said, and I got to share Jesus a little bit with that man.

But this is what I see, the Lord says we are like cities on a hill, and He said the light can not be hid! This is where we are going church; this is what God has planned for us in 2014.

In 2014 we are going to come into a greater realm with God. I'm talking to everyone as an individual, it will happen, it bursts upon individuals, it will certainly have that corporate anointing power that will come into the church there, corporate anointing power, that anointing power that is on Judith and Russ, the leadership of the church, that flows out to the people. This is what you have to prepare your heart for because God says, "You are carrying something, you are carrying the anointing, you are carrying the power, and you are carrying the glory."

The word of the Lord for 2014 is: rise up into that glory, rise up, take that power, rise up, take that anointing power and begin to march in the kingdom. God will cause a zeal of the Spirit to rest upon you and you will be even as the prophets of old prophesied about the Christ, and be able to say that the zeal of the Lord has eaten me up, the zeal of the Lord has eaten me up!

Just like the Lord couldn't stand a bunch of junk in the temple, that's why He went in and emptied out the money changers and He turned their tables over to get out of the temple. And I'm telling you a lot of stuff has gotten in God's temple on the earth. But we are going to see even among leadership, I'm talking men and women who have been in ministry many, many years, and we are going to see that either they are going to change a lot of their message, no more of this 'lala' stuff, or they are going to be driven out of their temple in a sense because God is raising up a body that He has anointed with power.

This is a glorious hour; it is a most glorious time. The Spirit of the Lord is saying, "Don't look back to yesterday but set your eyes like flint towards the King of kings, the Lord of lords. Rise up my people, rise up, rise up! I have created you to walk even as I walk", declares the Lord, "I've created you to speak even as I speak. Be not discouraged in your spirit for I tell you this truth to-day, I have created you as overcomers. Did not many go through the prison times, did not many suffer death, did not many even suffer and caused their names to be cast out as evil. Why would you think that you are different? Because the enemy has risen, yes, against my people throughout time but you are greater and the key to overcoming is to put one foot ahead of the other and refuse to let anything that happens around your life to hold you back. For I've called you as an overcomer," declares the Lord, "Live as an overcomer, walk as one that is already victorious no matter what you see, no matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."


My God we praise you, my God we glorify you, we magnify You.

Thank you Jesus for this day. Thank you for 2014.

Lord, we are more determined than ever. And God I pray for these people, that they catch the vision that You have for that church and that you have for them as an individual, and God that they press their way into it, press their way into it in Jesus' Name. I call them blessed, I call them overcomers.

God I decree that the word that You have instilled, Your power, Your glory and Your anointing comes forth in them in that place, in Jesus' Name. Amen.


Don’t let anything hold you down.

Don’t let the things of this life hold you down.

You’re not even a drop in the bucket and I say again, I can’t imagine the hurt of this year, can I tell you this, Tim was in his thirties, is that anything to be compared with eternity when you will be with that son. Could it ever be if you were to exchange giving him another thirty years here, whatever, to be compared to reigning with Jesus and with him eternally, eternally, forever and ever? See the devil wants to make us think when we lose our loved ones. Oh my goodness! I’ve lost them! We haven’t lost them. Oh Lord they are not lost, they are shouting victory and they’re having more glory than we can ever imagine.

God gave me a vision of my husband Colonel after he went to be with the Lord. I fell asleep this night, I know the tears, I know all that, but let me tell you what I saw in that heaven. He saw me and he walked toward me and I walked toward him and I said, "Colonel how are you?" He had awe in his voice when he said, “I’m wonderful, I’m just wonderful, I’m wonderful." And I said, "Have you seen Jesus?" He said, “Oh yes, right over there!” And I looked and there was Jesus talking to three or four men and I said, “Don’t you want to go over there?” And he looked at me and said, “No.” But I know he was telling me I get to talk to Jesus any time.

I’m telling you there is glory, there is Glory, there is Glory, there’s no doubt.

But God wants us to have Glory.

I love you, I’m praying for you.