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Blessed to be a Blessing!




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The Blessing Prophetic Word for 2013 from Aquilla Nash

Spoken on the 31/12/12 at 6.30am from Texas, USA, to KCCA (The Blessing), Sydney, at 11.30pm EST.

Hello Church!

Hello, Kingdom Covenant Church in Sydney, Australia!

I am delighted to be sharing with you at this time. We are so wound up and so excited. God has spoken a profound word into Pastor Judith and I am telling you, these ladies are coming home new, changed, more powerful and more anointed individuals. God has really ministered to us


I want to share with you briefly out of Ephesians because I know you have been studying Ephesians. This is the word that I want to share with you today. You know God wants to reveal His mysteries and His secrets into our lives. We never had a time like this. You know I can talk from experience because I have travelled a long, long journey and God has dealt with me all these years about a coming day in which in the latter part of the reign here in the earth God was going to pour out His Spirit in a great and mighty way. He was going to bring a revelation of His mysteries and His secrets into our lives.

So let’s look at this now in Ephesians 1: “For I always pray to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ,” the Apostle Paul says in Verse 17, “the Father of glory that He may grant you” (now hear this), “a Spirit of wisdom and revelation of insights into mysteries and secrets.” We are not children of the night, we are children of the day. He said, “walk in the light as He is in the light,” and you are going to find that the Holy Spirit is going to begin to minister to you revelation, bringing you deeper understanding, certainly of the Holy Scriptures and of your gifts and your calling. See God wants to use you. He wants to use you mightily. This is the last of the last days and God wants you to know the way in which you are to go. He wants you to know where you are called and give you then the strength and the ability to walk out that calling. So Paul said I want to reveal the mysteries and the secrets of the deep knowledge of Almighty God by having the eyes of your heart flooded with light so you can know and understand the hope to which he has called you.

Now let me tell you there is an important message for this hour: it’s that God’s people wake up and realise the hope in which He has called you. You are called to do more than just try to get to Heaven. You are called to be sons and daughters of the Living God, having the power and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit to go forth even as Jesus went forth because He said, “the things I am doing you are going to be able to do also and greater things.”

Now we have quoted that Scripture so many times but I feel that the body of Christ is just now getting true understanding of the depth of that word and that God indeed has a call for me. He has destined me and that’s what I want you to say to yourself right now! "God has called me!" – come on say it - "God has called me, God has destined me, God has chosen me for such a time as this." And the great thing about the Word of God, the calling of God, God will never call you to a place without equipping you to walk in that place. He will give you the Anointing that you need for the journey.

I was thinking this morning about Elijah and when he was running from Jezebel and he got to a place where he thought he was the only prophet left and the angel came and gave him angel food. The body of Christ is getting ready to receive angel food, Heavenly manner and I am telling you God is going to pour it out into our lives and it’s not just the milk but it’s the meat. The Word says the angel came and fed Elijah and he went in the strength of that meat. God is giving the body of Christ the meat of the Word in this hour and He is opening up truth and revelation that has been hidden from us for so long. Verse 19, “So that you can know and understand the vastness (what is the immeasurable, and unlimited and surpassing greatness) of His power available to us.” Listen to this: “Of His power.” Where is His power? The Word says in us and for us who believe. So that you can know, recognise the greatness of His power for your lives. That’s it, that’s the secret. Listen, when Jesus told the disciples in Acts 1:8, “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you shall be witnesses of Me.” that power of God, all that you shall ever need, hear me, all that you will ever need to fulfil your destiny to move forward in God, is already within you if you have received the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let me say it like this. If you have received the Holy Spirit you have the power to go forward and to slay every giant that will come against you, you have the power over all the powers of the enemy that will try to harass you or come against your life. What we must do in this time is be bold to speak the Word. Speak to your circumstance, speak against the opposition that tries to come against all of our lives. You see a lot of the time the enemy would try to make people think, ‘Well I know I am battling with whatever, I am going through a difficult place, but the rest of the world they don’t seem to be having any problems.' Don’t let him kid you! Everybody that is worth their salt are having opposition from the enemy because he wants to keep us from achieving our rightful place in God and going forth in the earth and getting multitudes saved and brought into the Kingdom.

So Paul says that we might understand this. Now he would not have told us to understand it and expressed it in such a way unless it was very, very important for us to know this truth and recognise and realise that when he is speaks of the power in verse 19, talking about the greatness of this power, he is speaking about the dunamus power of God that comes as the Holy Spirit fills us full to overflowing.

Now listen to this from Chapter 3 verse 19: “That you might be filled (to over flowing with everything God has for you." -SNT), through all of your being into all the fullness of God that you might have the richest measure of the divine presence." Do you realise that he is talking about God’s presence? You think of God and well, yes, He’s in Heaven and sure there’s the awesome presence with God but God says I want to fill you up with My presence. I want to fill and flood your life with My very presence. Let me say this when you get to heaven and you are worshipping around the throne of God and you sense the presence it won’t be another kind of presence. You are to be filled at this time, in this earth, in this century with the presence and the power of Almighty God.

That is where we have missed it church.

So Paul says, “Now to Him who is able to do far and away beyond all that we ask or think by virtue of the power that constantly energises in us.” Say, come on! It is at work in us. When the enemy tells you that you don’t have power, tell him he’s a liar. You have power and not only do you have power but you have the authority to move out in God.

Oh there’s so much I want to share! Here are some verses to hide away:                                        Matthew 8:1-3 and Proverbs 4 :20-22

When we really get into the power of the Word of God, the dunamus power of the Word of God - it’s the Word of God that is going to keep you, it’s the Anointing of God that will lead you. You know God has led me all these years. Right now we are coming to you from the Dove Christian Retreat just outside of Longview, Texas. God supernaturally led me here to this piece of property. It looked as though we could never do one thing here on this property. We did not have a big following, we hardly had any money at all, but I am telling you that God had foreordained it. That’s the only question - has God for ordained that dream that vision that is in your heart?

Well, I declare for KCCA He has! And if He has, I sometimes say, "God will always pay for what He orders." Do you understand that? You are not going to order from the meat market and then when it arrives say I don’t have any money to pay. No, if you order you are going to pay for it, and certainly with God. Whatever He has called you to do there at that wonderful church, let me tell you: lock in, get behind Ps Judith and Ps Russell and just begin to press in with all your might - give it everything you’ve got! Don’t be a half-baked Christian, a lukewarm Christian, but you declare that you are going to do and be everything God Almighty has chosen you to be - and no -not because you want to help them, get over that, because if you refuse to help God will send someone else.

So, I am teaching you how you can become everything God has created you to be. God told me several years ago, “I want you to begin to call for the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, Pastors, those in helps and governments and Psalmists, call them forth and I will begin to work in their lives.” That’s what I am doing. This is your hour church. These are exciting times I am telling you. God loves you and I love you and I know He has great things for you. I want you all to be excited about 2013. God has made me to know that this is the hour that the body of Christ is rising up all over the world. And the power and the Anointing of God is going to be displayed and it’s going to cause the enemy to flee.

God bless you,

I love you,


– Take hold of it. Declare it over your life!

"And you will understand in the next weeks and the next days and the months ahead.

There will be a stirring within you declares the Lord. There will be a stirring from a depth within that you have not experienced before. There will be a deepness calling unto that depth that is in the Christ and it is calling to the depth that is within you declares the Lord and you will know that I am doing a new thing in your life.

You will know that I am bringing you unto a higher height and you are experiencing a deeper depth because it is my hour it is my time it is this hour that I have chosen to reveal myself in a greater measure unto my church. This is the hour that I have chosen to open up wide even the portals of heaven and

have chosen to open up wide even the portals of heaven and the windows that will open up before you, yes not just to cause you to be blessed but to see into the realm of the heavenlies and to experience the power of the heavenlies and to recognize the power of God that is open and made manifest for such a time as this and I say as you seek me you will find that I am in your midst in a greater measure as you trust me. I say surely it is a time that the heavenlies are opening I am opening up avenues for I have built even a way between earth and heaven and I say unto you those that know that path they will enter into a higher realm of my Spirit that they will hear things that they have never heard before, they will see things that they have never seen before and they will recognize that I am God not only of the heaven but the God of the earth, and I am showing forth my power and my presence in this hour. The angelic hosts will be made manifest in many places to a great degree, there will be those that will pick up on it even in the media and they will hear and know that God is doing something though they understand it not. I say surely it is available to you and you must press your way in to the Kingdom you must press your way into the fullness of this hour be not satisfied with the left over crumbs for I have a full loaf for you says the Lord.

I have more that you have not tasted, I have meat that you know not of and I desire to serve it to you in this day in this hour, so seek me, find those places that are pouring out and the places that are receiving and I say pour out, and pour in, in those places for I am God and I will manifest my glory greatly in this day," says God.

More Words for

The Blessing from

Aquilla Nash Prophecy 2013

I see a greater glory breaking upon Kingdom Covenant Church. God says, “Get ready. Prepare your chariots to run. There is a sound of abundance of rain. Refuse to let anything stop you! A deluge of the Spirit is coming upon you. For as you have been faithful to stand in the face of opposition and the hindrance of man, I am now removing the hindrance so that the work can go forth. I am preparing a people to run with the ‘VISION’. Those that are not called to the vision will not stay. So, do not be discouraged when you see these things for I am preparing a people to run with you, and they will come and take their place beside you. This is the hour for My Church to rise up in the earth. This is the hour that many have seen by the Spirit. Now it is breaking forth. It is a time to rejoice! The head of the serpent has been crushed. His power has been stripped from him. Press into the Kingdom. Reap the harvest that is set before you. For nothing is too hard for Me, and I have not asked more of you than you are able to give,” says the Lord.

Word to Ps Judith



SUNDAY 30/12/12

Judith, 2 years ago the Lord spoke to me about this great move of God. In this move of God we are moving into, one of the primary differences is, there is going to be a spirit of understanding that comes to Gods people.

I was home to-day and the Lord instructed me to pray for you. The Lord told me for you and your husband, the Lord is going to give you a spirit of understanding and it’s specifically about the move of God that we have entered into.

He is going to give you understanding and your husband understanding of it, before it takes place you are going to see what God is preparing. You are going to have understanding as to what it is going to be, why that it is going to be and how that it is to be.

I shared with her (Judith) it has been about 2 years, I was driving down the road here and God was speaking to me about the revival concerning this ministry here (the Dove) was going to be a ministry that helped define what this move of God is about the Lord spoke to me (Larry) “I’m going to use her and her husband to define the move of God to the people down in Australia.

Father right now – Lord I thank you God as you have spoken Lord I release right now into her life the spirit of understanding, the spirit of wisdom that goes along with it and God that she , her husband, the eyes of their understanding are going to be enlightened to a higher degree of brilliance.

God the things that they have not known that have been kept hidden of this hour God is going to be revealed. God it will be as though they see it way before it happens that they prepare for it and they are able to instruct the people and the people will come and hear what God is doing and what God will do and how they can be ready and how they can be used.

So Lord I thank you right now, God that Holy Spirit, Lord would impart that understanding and that wisdom by the Spirit right now and they are going to begin to see things in the Word, they are going to see things in the Spirit God, that is going to open up revelation to them.

God that would cause them to say that it dwarfs the things that I have known in the past, it dwarfs those things that I have understood before and the greatness of the things God is going to do, it is over whelming in their heart and in their spirit and Father I thank you right now – more – release from heaven, more released from heaven, and God it comes upon them and they begin to see it work God in a very short order, very quickly, the Lord says you are going to get revelation that is going to feed, it is going to feed, it is going to feed into you and there will be times that you are going to say Lord you need to stop I can’t hold it any more and Father I thank you God that you increase her capacity, increase her capacity, more for her, the Kingdom of God, expand her on her left and on her right in the front and behind. Expand it in the name of Jesus. Thank you God it is done.

AQUILLA CONTIUES – and the Spirit says' "Because you have not sought the praise of man but have sought My praise and because you have had a heart to wholly follow Me and because you have been of a different spirit even as Caleb and Joshua were of a different spirit, I say I have invested a spirit yes of challenge that would take the land that would go in and possess all that the Father has given, I have invested that which is in your life and I have invested in you a strength that you do not understand but I say that strength is sufficient for you to possess all that I have come to pour into you, into your work, into these people and I say surely daughter that even as you pour in and pour in you are going to be amazed. It’s going to you and in the night time I am going to give you visions in the night and I am going to cause you to see even the things of the Kingdom in a greater understanding of the kingdom and you will enter into that realm of my glory and you will know it is the glory that is working a New thing and daughter that that has been a difficult thing in times past is going to become easy that, that took so long in the past is going to come about quickly for you have entered into a new day and this is a time and an opportunity for you to move, move swiftly move powerfully move in authority move in my Spirit says the Lord, and you will see that the people will come from the north, they will come from the west and the east and the south and they will come because the Spirit of God is in this house and because I have anointed you to lead a people and they will speak and you will know that they are of God I do a new thing in you," says the Lord of Hosts.